Water Damage Restoration And Cleaning Up Solutions

plumbingIf water damage been witnessed on your commercial or residential property, you must avoid waiting for it to get worse and must call in professionals from a water good restoration company right away. In some cases, one can do restoration work by himself, but there is a lot of risk involved to take it up as a DIY (Do it yourself) project. Let’s take a closer look at the services that you can avail by a water restoration company.

  • 24/7 Availability

Professional water restoration firms operate every time of the day, any day of the year on beck and call and you can call them at any time when a water emergency has broken out in your house. In this case any delay can dramatically increase the losses resulting in additional restoration costs. If flood has been due to any pipe burst, shut off the water supply at that moment and immediately call in professionals as soon as you can. If flooding is because of some sewage backup, hurricanes, floods or roof leakage, you should not be waiting even for a second and call a water restoration company to minimize your losses to at least some ext.

  • Expert help regarding insurance claims

The water restoration company is capable of doing much more than water cleanup and restoration work in your home or office. They will also make you meet an insurance expert who will prepare the paperwork and make better claims with the insurance company. Even though claiming insurance for any property damage seems a little easy, you must know that the insurance company will do almost everything they can in order to avoid a claim. With professional help extended from an insurance specialist, you can save lot of time and money and will easily cover all your restoration expenses therein.

  • Professional equipment

Water restoration firms make use of commercial grade equipment and tools, such as portable water extraction units, moisture gauges, humidity pumps, blowers and dehumidifiers as well.

  • Technical knowledge

This is where water restoration firm offer the most value. You might take several hours or even days to learn and research about the best water damage restoration plans for your home while experienced professionals will waste no time and restore your house in the most efficient way and cost effective way. They will usually guide you on potential fixes with the construction of the home that might become problematic in the future.

It is in best interest to call a professional water restoration firm as soon as any water damage occurs on your house. The sooner you’ll call them, the lesser losses you are likely to incur.

The Three Essentials Of Water Damage Restoration

water damage restorationWhen you have faced floods, hurricanes or even flooding due to plumbing issues in your house, you obviously feel like a survivor of a wrecked ship. Sure, the peril has passed away, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done by you. In general, people feel overwhelmed when they have to perform water damage restoration. The moisture can lead to mold and mildew overgrowth and sometimes even causes some heavy structural damages to the house. In order to preserve them from damage, you need to follow the three basic principles of water damage restoration. These three have been mentioned below.

  • Drying- the first essential of water damage restoration is drying. Moisture or humidity makes mold grow in your house. Though most of them are not very harmful, some can turn out to be toxic in nature and this might really be a warning sign to look out for. Therefore, drying is quite essential. To dry the area, you can depend on ventilation, which is the second principle of restoration. Otherwise, you can use big blowers, dryers and even dehumidifiers in your house. That shall help a lot in ensuring that you have a great background to work on. You can opt for sanitizing and disinfecting after this.
  • Ventilation- it is the second essential of water damage restoration. Most of the times, the spaces that have been damaged to a great extent because of water are the ones that have been closed and gave way for standing water. By opening up all the doors and windows, you will be allowing the stale water and air to move out of your house. As fresh air will enter, your house will finally breathe. Ventilation helps in proper circulation of air. However, with the help of his step, ample sunlight will also enter the house and this will definitely help in drying as well as disinfecting.
  • Disinfecting- after you have dried and ventilated your house properly, you should now think about disinfecting it. Most of the times, you will be able to disinfect the house with chlorine mixed water. However, professional cleaning products can also be used. They will be killing bacteria as well as mold in your house. Stains will also be removed as a result of this.

If you follow these three essentials of cleaning your house, you will certainly be able to score better in terms of water damage restoration. Make sure you leave nothing behind.

Understanding Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is defined as the process of restoring a home back to pre-loss condition. Restoration activity should be undertaken as soon as the damage occurs. Any delays in its performance results in worsening the situation and increases restoration expenses. Water damage is categorized into three categories depending upon the level of contamination present.

Category one includes water from broken clean water supply lines, clean water from toilet tank or bowl; faucets and bottled water. Category two includes water from toilet overflow with some urine, washing machine overflow or dishwasher. This water is also known as grey water. Grey water can be harmful if ingested.  Third category includes water which is highly contaminated. Water from sewage, flooding from rivers or streams, water from the toilet bowl with feces etc. Intake of this water can cause serious illness or even death. It is known as black water.


Water from category one can degrade into category two or three, if its treatment is not done at an appropriate time. Similarly water from category two can degrade into category three.

There are many companies, agencies and governmental organization undertaking water restoration process. In situations of floods, roof leakage, burst pipe or sewage backup professional help is required. Some people do water restoration at their own, when such a need occurs at their residence or office. This can be done only when the level of damage is small. When the level of damage is big, assistance of specialists is required.

They use specialized techniques and tools like humidity and moisture gauges, fans, pumps, water extraction units, truck mounted extraction units etc. Use of these technologies improves work efficiency and effectiveness. Experience and technology combined together will result in better work at low cost. Apart from restoring water, companies can also assist you in filing paperwork required for claiming insurance claims. They will help you throughout the process of claiming your insurance.

It is always advisable to call water restoration companies in situations of water damage. They ensure good quality service without burning a hole in the customer’s pocket. They are available 24/7 for your service, this will prevent you from any further expenses. But it is important to make a right choice while choosing a water restoration company. The company so selected should be qualified and experienced. Companies which provide water restoration service as their secondary business, may lack proper equipment and technique required.

The Most Common Water Damage Issues

flooded houseWater damage can occur because of a number of reasons. It is quite a wide and varied kind of damage that many manifest itself in different ways. However, every homeowner who has suffered losses because of water damage, must have gone through some common issues with this kind of damage. Furniture, carpets, windows, doors, rugs and even walls are sometimes damaged beyond repair in these cases. Some of them attack your health while some others directly rob your pocket. Let us have a look at some of the most common causes of water damage. If you find any of these in your house, better find a remedy before you hear some bad news.

  • Leaky pipes in the house
  • Sewage or plumbing back-ups
  • Overflowing dishwashers and washing machines
  • Leaky windows or roofs
  • Humid climates with poor home ventilation options.
  • Flooding in the region caused because of a river or because of hurricanes, storms and rain
  • Cracked tiles on the floor
  • Seepage beneath sinks and appliances
  • Damaged grouts and calking
  • Sudden outbreaks

The most common consequences that you will be finding in the case of water damage is either a flood or a consistent wet or moist condition of your walls or other regions in the home. This can give rise to mold and mildew. The moist region, combined with a warm temperature might actually be a good thriving ground for the mold spores. There are thousands of mold species that have been identified. A small number of them are toxic in nature as well. They like warm, damp and dark environments more than anything else. If you suffer from headaches, coughing, runny nose, cold, rashes, sneezing or have difficulty in breathing, it is quite likely that mold colonies exist in your house.

Dry rot is another one of the issues that is very common with water damage. It is a kind of fungus that spreads at a very rapid rate and can stain or rot the wood completely. You will be finding them in the form of gray discolorations or even some streaks or dark patches. Some people mistake them for pest infestations as well. It is a very aggressive kind of fungus which leaves very little chances of restoration if allowed some time to grow. Therefore, you must always make sure that you keep a keen eye on your surroundings and make sure that no mold or dry rot cases occur in your house.

The Best Way to See Water Damage

detectAs well as causing destruction, water damage also has a detrimental impact to your home’s indoor air-quality.

Well-known reasons for water damage and mold are dripping rooftops, windows, doorways, foundation breaks and plumbing leaks that are visible.

These are not fairly difficult to find, enabling an instant fix before optimum injury happens.
Insulating cellar walls that are completed with fibreglass isn’t recommended.

Fibreglass not let it go through the wall, avoiding a drying effect and may consume water.
Many people believe installing a barrier in the wall is the solution, but wet is simply trapped by this strategy.

A much better method would be to utilize rigid insulating material (also called plank that is blue). This insulating material allows moisture to go through the wall, enabling it to dry and is semipermeable.

Water Also can enter the cellar if the land’s level is pitched toward the home. Including gutters and grading the land from the home may direct rain from your house.

Opportunities from the home to the loft and roof insulation that is inferior in homes found in chillier areas often leads to ice dams which cause water to backup in to the home. Moisture will be carried by air-leakage from the home to the loft into the loft that could form water on the lower of the top resulting in mold and warping in the kind of humidity.

Common loss factors between loft and the home are:

Loft hatches that are leaky
Recessed light fittings that aren’t the kind that was air-tight
Exhaust fans that vent into the loft

For people who reside in hotter areas, water damage and mold may happen within your partitions due to air conditioner systems that are badly developed.

Systems which can be oversize (a bigger capacity than that is mandatory) may not eliminate enough humidity leading to high-moisture levels that reduce on cooler areas.

Duct methods which can be unbalanced may attract on moisture that is outdoor through partitions that may create water in the partitions. An expert is required by mitigating these problems.

Fixing the loft problems in the above list might appear straightforward enough, but attempting to do It-Yourself does not ensure you can occasionally lead to additional issues and actually fixed the issue.
Selecting an insulating material expert who focuses primarily on creating Technology (also identified as a building performance specialist) may see to it that the job is completed securely and correctly. These professionals come outfitted with resources like blower doors, strain indicators, etc. to evaluate the actions obtained for the fixes.

Exactly the same goes for the ac expert, he ought to have duct analytical resources to analyze your ductwork to be certain it’s correctly created and executing economically.
Once fixes are made, it’s vital to have air sanitizers or an atmosphere sanitizer working all through your home so that you can remove any mold or detritus not observable to the naked eye which were put aside.

Your house may be convenient besides caring for the damage and mold, you’ll improve your inside air-quality and spend less in your power bills.

Water Damage Restoration Tips and Guidelines

tipsFlood damage and water may be among the most expensive catastrophes a business or residence owner may encounter. Strained overflows, sewage copies, and collapsing conduits are just some of the ways water may damage home.

Usually, business and residence owners may find comfort in knowing that flooding and water problems are covered by house insurance. Yet, finding the company that is right to recover the house to its former beauty at a value that is fair and securely is as difficult.

A water specialist with over two decades of experience providing the neighborhood with the many dreadful water and flooding damage catastrophes. A water restoration company should make recommendations on how business and house owners may fix some of the harms themselves.

The secret to reducing the harm caused flood or by water would be to eliminate the water as fast as possible. The water that is more rapid is eliminated, the mold development that is more unlikely may happen. Mold development usually takes place only 24 hrs after the region is changed.

The area dehydrated promptly and must be ventilated. Utilize high-velocity fans, air dehumidifiers to get the area as dry as possible, and movers.
Make sure you check for dryness often. Water is retained by several permeable materials like carpeting, drywall, and insulation beneath their area.

Firstly, eliminate all broken things (i.e. furniture, cartons, electronic equipment, and so on) to a different place to dry and recover.

Rugs, cushioning, drywall, and insulation changed and exposed to water for over 24 hrs should be eliminated to prevent mold development.

Be certain the technicians are iicrc-certified when selecting a company to entire water damage and mold repair solutions. The IICRC is a market regulator that guarantees balanced and secure repair techniques across the nation. A certified technician must follows the IICRC Recommendations for Water Repair to make sure the households and/or workers of the house are not dangerous after the employment was finished.

Furniture Restoration After A Flood

flooded furnituresThere are a lot of residential spaces that are naturally prone to the flood. As a result of this, the residents of this region have to face severe storms and even hurricanes which disrupt their lives and completely damages their assets. If you are also living in these areas, you will have to take appropriate measures to make sure that you re-enter your house safely. Here are some ways in which you will be able to restore your furniture and make it usable again.

Before you begin the restoration activity, you have to check whether or not your furniture can really be restored or not. There are items that will not work well with your water damage restoration actions. Better put such items aside and work more with other furniture items. The completely damages items should be photographed so that you can file for an insurance claim. Now focus on the rest of the lot.

In case you have upholstered furniture, you are going to have a hard time during restoration. In case there was mild flooding, you should start by separating the upholstered parts of the furniture as colors might bleed from these items and stain the rest of your furniture. Let them dry completely in the sun otherwise mildew and mold may start to appear. In fact, any upholstery or even foam that is more than 20% wet should see the sunlight as soon as possible. After this, get this kind of furniture cleaned by a professional. These items are usually quick to absorb water as well as contaminants, so home cleaning will not be a very good option.

In case you have wood furniture, you will likely be able to save more in case the furniture did not stand in water for a very long duration of time. Solid wood is generally easier to restore as compared to composite wood or laminates. First of all, you will have to clean the furniture of contaminants and then make sure that you let it dry in the sun. We always recommend sun drying because it helps in complete drying while killing some bacteria as well. However, in case you want the process to be catalyzed, you can even use a hair dryer in the beginning.

It is quite possible that you see some mildew spots in your furniture. In that case, you should be using turpentine to clean the furniture. A mixture of 1:1 ammonia and water will also work in this case. Repaint and refurnish if needed.

Downed Power Lines Are The Biggest Restoration Hazards

power linesAfter a hurricane or a flood, the biggest hazard that you will be facing is of the downed power lines. Most of the times, strong storm winds and rains wreck a havoc on the power lines of your area because of which you often find them downed. The power supply in the area is also badly influenced because of this. Regardless of the fact that they contain running power of not, you should avoid these power lines like the plague and make sure that you never touch or go near them.

Most of the times, the telephone, cable and utility companies share the power poles. Therefore, downed power lines can affect the telephone and cable lines as well. When everything around you is soaking wet, electricity can get transferred by almost any object, even if it is wood. Even standing water can become a huge hazard in this case. Don’t try to move them out of your way. You don’t want to be a death statistic of the region.

The first thing that we would suggest you is to avoid driving in any areas that have been affected by flood-like conditions. Just in case your car makes contact with the energized objects or even water, it will itself become energized and you will be in great trouble this way. Sometimes, the cars can even catch fire because of this. You must have rolled down windows. Try to exit the car as soon as possible or ask people around for help. When you move out make sure that you haven’t touched any part of the car. In this way, you will become a grounding path for the electricity. This is also why we recommend wearing rubber gloves and rubber boots at all times.

This kind of a condition can occur even when you go to your home for water damage restoration. Just in case the standing water outside your home is energized, you will have a bad time. Remember, even if the power cut is in progress, you must never touch the power lines. Also, if you can, then you must go and use a dry wooden stick to disconnect power from your home. Just in case you are around while the power comes back, you will get a massive shock. Moreover, if there is a gas leak and the power causes a short circuit, it can cause fire or even an explosion in your house. Stay safe. Water damage restoration can wait for a few days.

Handling Different Types Of Water Damage

waterWater damage can be of various types and there can be several reasons behind it as well. We have been focusing on the most severe kind of water damage till now i.e. natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding. However, in this post, we will also be including sudden water damage incidents like plumbing issues.  Frozen water pipes, broken sump pumps and clogged sewer lines can also be the cause of water damage in many reasons. Sometimes, appliances not working properly or lack of good plumbing in the household can also lead to floods in the house. Water damage, in itself, it quite a varied issue that may even include damage done to leaky walls because of heavy rains.

However, before we proceed further, let us understand about the different types of water damages that you can suffer from.

  • Category one- in this kind of water damage, the damage is generally done by clean water. Situations when dishwashers or other appliances or pipes become leaky can cause category one damage in the house.
  • Category two- in this case, the water becomes slightly contaminated. It can happen directly or can be converted from a category one damage in case the damage is let to stand for a couple of days. The mildly contaminated water can contain a lot of microorganisms and bacteria. The water can either be ground water or even a broken sump pump water. In this case, there are no immediate risks to you but yes, the water needs to be removed soon or it can hit the warning sign. If you simply let category one water damage stand for two days, it will become category two.
  • Category three- in this case, you will find severely contaminated water that has a very high level of pathogens and microorganisms that can pose serious and immediate health risks to you or your pets. This kind of water generally comes from sewage lines and even from lakes and rivers at times. Most of the natural flood water belongs to this category. If category two water is left untouched for two to three days, it will automatically become category three water.

In any of these cases, you must immediately call a professional for help. Most of the times, there will be nothing that you can do. In fact, trying to take some extra efforts can cause mold issues, further damage and even electrocution. Depend on professional services at all times.